Yesterday my morning started off perfectly. I meditated, went on a 45 minute walk around my new neighborhood, and got lost in my thoughts listening to Usher (and the sounds of laughter from kids playing outside at a nearby school). When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I consciously made the decision not to get a SIM card because I didn’t want to be super connected to what was happening at home (my first interaction with international news was watching Ilhan Omar talk about the muslim ban from Tokyo).  As soon as I walked into my apartment and was reconnected to wifi my phone immediately started blowing up with text and Facebook messages from home:

The opponent I ran against for state representative in 2014 (and lost to by just 6 votes on Election Day) had just resigned. WTF.

The universe has a funny way of working. I’m one week into a 52 week trip around the world (I told you the universe was funny right?). Currently living in Malaysia, the plan was to spend the next 4 months in SE Asia and then to go on to Europe and South America ending the year in Peru.

After talking to Jeremy and my twin sister Racheal I went into the bathroom and cried. I felt so conflicted: was this trip really the best idea? The very thing I wanted for as long as I could remember was now available. Or was it? After getting my shit together I asked God/the universe for a sign. Almost immediately I heard (and even felt) a voice say something to the effect of “untold riches are waiting for you if you’ll just trust me” (totally sounds like something God would say right?). For me those riches are freedom. And Independence. And joy. In that moment I felt like it was a test from the universe to see if (as my mentor Rosetta would say) “Are you a 10 all in?

Are you committed to your dreams no matter what?

Are you really willing to step out on faith?

Are you willing to believe that everything you want is already yours?

There’s a song I’ve been listening to on repeat all day called “Intentional” by Travis Greene that says:

“All things are working for my good

He’s intentional

Never failing”

The timing of this isn’t a coincidence. And to be honest, this entire situation isn’t even about me. It’s about being willing to stand in your purpose and chase your dreams no matter what happens and no matter what distractions come your way. My mission to help change the face of power is real. And that work would cease to exist if I was a state representative right now. Sure, maybe I could do it on the evenings and weekends but I know that’s not enough because I’ve done it. For years.

There will always be more time to run but this mission feels urgent – because it is (and because Donald Trump is president). So, I’m going to stand in my purpose like never before and when I do run I’ll be bringing an army of other black women elected officials from across the country and around the world with me.


Now I want to hear from you. What’s your “10 all in” goal for your life? What is the one thing you’re committed to no matter what?