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Work with Rebecca through her personal development group coaching program, the Live In Your Light Bootcamp, which opens for enrollment quarterly.   


Rebecca’s clients includes numerous local, statewide, and national progressive organizations and focuses on electoral politics, civic engagement, and reflective democracy.


Rebecca is a sought after trainer for national progressive organizations including the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, New American Leaders, re:power, Running Start, and others.

Meet Rebecca

Your Clarity + Career Coach

Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m a recovering perfectionist, overachiever, and control freak – and it was literally killing me. After my “unraveling”, my life came undone and for the first time in 35 years, I finally allowed the real me to be seen.

I am living the life of my dreams – all because I gave myself permission to live in my light. 

Now I’m on a mission to inspire, empower, and support high achieving women of color to get the clarity they need to discover what truly lights them up so they can create the life of their dreams too.


The Live In Your Light Bootcamp was an amazing and eye-opening experience. Going through it allowed me to identify the actions and thoughts that had been holding me back and to begin to find ways to shed the armor and live a more authentic life.”

– Ashley Wilson

“I always believed there were Black women in the world who shared similar experiences, but now I feel more clear about our genius after going through Live in Your Light Bootcamp. I would recommend signing up to anyone who has felt stuck or insecure about the role they play in the world.

– Kayla Mason

“Since the conclusion of the Bootcamp, I’ve utilized every lesson in every aspect of my life. More notably, I’ve seen how powerful it can be to change your mindset. Rebecca is a gifted visionary and I thank her for creating a much-needed space for women. I’ve literally told every woman I know about this phenomenal program and I’m so blessed to have been a part of this.” 

– Miranda McDonald

“It is apparent that Rebecca has dynamically transformed her life and is now passionately helping others do the same! The Live In Your Light Bootcamp has helped me shed the armor that was keeping me from launching my consulting fully. After my work in this program, I have released my content into the world and magic is happening! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to have a breakthrough.” 

– Racheal Allen

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