Today’s featured guest Simone Lightfoot is a Trustee on the Ann Arbor, MI Board of Education. A wife, mother, veteran and civil rights activist, Lightfoot shares her story of her lifelong fight for justice and creating lasting change in her community.


Meet Simone: 

Nominated top ten airman of the A U.S. Air Force, Simone Lightfoot, is an Air Force veteran who went on to serve as deputy chief of staff in the MI House of Representatives and as the former state director for voter empowerment for the national NAACP. She headed up environmental grants for the Detroit Branch NAACP and served in the mayoral administration of the first directly elected African American mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory after managing his campaign. More recently, Simone was re-appointed by the Obama administration to the Great Lakes Advisory Board and was named to the International Joint Commission – Water Quality Board.  

A registered lobbyist in Ohio and Michigan, Simone has headed non-profit organizations, lead regional efforts for the American Red Cross, worked with the EPA and lead on voting rights, conservation and sustainability work for the Detroit Branch NAACP. She has served as the director of public policy for the Wayne County office of the clerk and administration and lead the national NAACP National Voter Fund field efforts in Indiana, Illinois and South Carolina. She was recently named national director of urban initiatives for the National Wildlife Federation. For the past seven years, Lightfoot has served as an elected trustee on the Ann Arbor Board of Education.

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