Welcome to the first episode of Changing the Face of Power,  the first and only podcast in the country dedicated to informing, inspiring, and supporting black women to run for elected office. Hosted by Rebecca Thompson, each week you’ll meet an inspiring elected official or candidate who is using her black girl magic to change the world.

Meet Rebecca:

Rebecca Thompson is a nationally renowned speaker, trainer, and candidacy coach; a former candidate for state representative, and host of the “Changing the Face of Power Podcast”. Rebecca’s mission (and life’s work) is to change the face of power by informing, inspiring, and supporting black women to run for office at the state and local level so they can fulfill their purpose and change the world.

She has traveled the world training candidates to run for elected office and is a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, EMILY’S List, The White House Project and numerous other leadership programs. Rebecca is a national trainer for VoteRunLead and ElectHer, which trains young women to run for elected office. She also serves on the National Leadership Team of Political Parity, a bipartisan group of national women’s organizations dedicated to getting more women elected to office.

Rebecca was inspired to create Changing the Face of Power after losing her election for state representative by just 6 votes on Election Day. She wants to teach women candidates everything she learned the hard way so they can run and win the first time. Rebecca is also the Executive Director of Good Jobs Now, a grassroots organization that fights for economic and social justice and in her spare time she loves naps, traveling, frozen margaritas, and cuddling with her puppies Donny Hathaway and Doyle (inspired by the Spike Lee film 25th Hour). She currently lives in Detroit with her partner.

Download a transcript of this episode: Meet Rebecca Transcript

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