A rising star and politico, at just 26 Maurielle Stewart is the youngest member of the Town Council in the Town of Cheverly, MD. In this week’s episode of Changing the Face of Power, Maurielle reinforces that all politics are indeed local and the importance of young women in politics.

Meet Maurielle: 

Maurielle Stewart is a millennial on the move and is passionate about being a leader in her community. She currently serves as a political appointee, supporting the General Counsel at NASA. Prior to her appointment, she began her work as a Constituent Liaison for Democratic Minority Whip Congressman Steny Hoyer in 2012 where she became a professional problem solver guiding constituents through the channels of the federal government to find resolutions to their concerns.

In May 2015, Maurielle also took up the mantle of public service to become the youngest current member of the Cheverly Town Council. After completing her two-year term as Vice-President of Communications with the Prince George’s County Young Democrats, Maurielle ran for Town Council to continue her civic service. With this elected position, Maurielle brings a fresh, new perspective to the Council as she strives to serve with transparency, inclusion, and collaboration.

Stay in touch with Maurielle:  

Twitter: @chezmauri

Facebook: Facebook.com/mauriellestewart

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