This week’s featured guest Holly J. Mitchell is a mom, state senator, and social justice advocate. Mitchell shares her story of how she uses her platform to be a champion for working families across the state of California.

Meet Holly:

Holly J. Mitchell has served in California’s Legislature since 2011. During her years in the Legislature Mitchell has obtained passage into law of more than fifty bills. Her legislation seeks to improve human services, expand access to healthcare, secure women’s reproductive rights, protect the environment, end the trafficking of minors, defend the civil rights of minorities and the undocumented and, above all, reduce the numbers of children growing up in poverty. Senator Mitchell belongs to the Senate’s official leadership, chairing the Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services and serving on the Rules, Health, Insurance, and Labor Committees. She also founded the Senate Select Committee on Women and Inequality.

Stay in touch with Holly:


Twitter: @hollyjmitchell


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