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Today’s featured guest Christina Sanders is a seasoned politico, civic engagement expert, and former candidate for City Council in Houston, TX. As the PoliChic Sanders travels the country training women to turn their passion into action through public policy.

Meet Christina: 

Christina Dionne Sanders is a seasoned politico, Managing Partner at CD Sanders & Associates and serves as an adjunct professor of political science. One of America’s youngest civic engagement leaders, Christina was recently appointed to serve on the Texas advisory committee for the United States Commission for Civil Rights. Christina also serves on the Houston steering committee for Annie’s List, a political network that raises money for Democratic women in Texas.

Sanders, a Houston native, co-authored a manuscript entitled,” From “Block the Vote to Protect the Vote”: Historically Black Student Voting Suppression and Disenfranchisement in Texas”, published in Volume XIV of the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy. In the Fall of 2013 she for ran Houston City Council, District D, her campaign came in fourth in a field of 12 candidates in the open-seat race.

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