Sometimes when we start a new business or side hustle, we are eager to take on ALL the clients. We say yes to everyone who wants to work with us because we love what we do sooooo much but also because of a scarcity mindset. In my case, that meant juggling between 20-25 one on one, group coaching, and consulting clients at any given time – each month. 

And my business began buckling underneath me.

I was dropping balls left and right including over scheduling myself (I’m FINALLY bringing on a Virtual Assistant to help with this) and working late evenings and weekends when my intention was to create a business that took me out of the rat race. I was cutting into valuable time with my family/friends, partner, and most importantly, with myself. If you know me you know that I give everything I have to my clients. But that also meant that I felt depleted at the end of the day. 

I realized that I’ve been trying to create room for all of you (which is the deepest desire of my heart) but it was literally killing me. 

My desire to serve my tribe had me not taking my own advice and not living out my values (how often am I telling ya’ll to stop doing so much??). I’m about to do something that scares the shit out of me that is also really hard to do – and that’s to say no. What does that look like in practice?

It means not taking on any additional consulting clients 

Phasing out my one on one coaching practice 

And opening up the next cohort of the Live In Your Light Bootcamp to just 4 women

That’s right – I said just 4 women. The past few Bootcamps have averaged 10-15 participants each but I’ve decided that working with a smaller group of women will allow me to 1) preserve my energy and most importantly 2) allow me to better serve my clients. I’ve also made some improvements to the Bootcamp.

The Live In Your Light Bootcamp is now an 8 – week intensive + intimate group coaching experience that helps high achieving women of color discover what lights them up so they can create a life they love. 

During the Bootcamp you’ll get the clarity to discover: 

– What truly lights you up so you can do the work you love every single day (and get paid what you’re worth for it) 

– How to break destructive patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you safe, stuck, and broke

– How to show up in your life and career as not just your best self, but as your most authentic self, so you can attract everything that is waiting for you

Your investment includes: 

– (4) weekly group clarity + coaching sessions (that are recorded so you can access them 24/7) 

– (4) private one one one strategy + implementation sessions with yours truly 

– Weekly homework assignments + a Bootcamp Workbook (to help you stay on track and reach your goals) 

– Accountability partner 

– A private online community to keep you inspired 

The Bootcamp is right for you IF: 

– You are serious about investing in yourself and know that you’re being called to play bigger 

– You are ready to inspire and serve others with your unique brilliance (aka your magic) by starting a business (or even a blog), writing a book, or becoming a paid speaker

– You are a high achieving woman of color who is ready to do the inner work required to uplevel

The Bootcamp is NOT right for you if: 

– You aren’t ready or willing to do the work 

– You aren’t ready to play big (and would rather be safe and comfortable) 

– You aren’t ready to get called out on your shit (because deep down you know that you’re the only one standing between you and your dreams right?) 

– You aren’t ready to live in your light 

 I’m only offering this opportunity to 4 women who are serious about doing the work. If that sounds like you (and if you’ve read this far) here’s the link to applyThe next cohort begins in June  (and won’t reopen again until September) so if you want to be one of those women, go ahead and apply now

With love,