Last week I hosted my most popular Masterclass yet, “Six Months to Six Figures: How Living In My Light Helped Me Earn More Than $100k In 6 Months”. Since then, I’ve received tons of messages from coaches and consultants asking how they can do the same. Since we’re starting the last quarter of 2019, here are 6 ways that you can charge what you’re ACTUALLY worth as a consultant or coach: 

6) Stop charging by the hour: Your time is super valuable and you probably have so much experience that it doesn’t take you nearly as long to complete projects. Creating packages for your services rather than charging by the hour allows you to get hired based on expertise – not output. This is even more important when bringing on retainer or anchor clients (which helps ensure you have consistent monthly income). 

5) Develop 3-5 clear outcomes: Speaking of packages, make it clear what outcomes (or transformation) your clients will experience after working with you. Here’s an example:

During the Live In Your Light Bootcamp you’ll get the clarity to discover: 

– What truly lights you up and how to do the work you love every single day (and how to get paid what you’re ACTUALLY worth for it) 

– How to break the destructive patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you safe, stuck, and broke 

– How to show up in your life as your most authentic self, so you can attract everything that is waiting for you

4) Collect testimonials: Your best advertising will be done by your clients (especially if you’re helping them achieve results). Create an evaluation to capture what worked/didn’t work about your offer and be sure to ask for testimonials. You can also use emails and social media comments (but always ask for permission). Lastly, add photos! This helps make a connection with future clients in a way that just words can’t. 

3) Gradually increase your prices: My favorite line in Beyonce’s “MOOD 4 EVA” is when Jay Z says, “You heard that? That’s the sound of the price going up”. As your expertise and experience increases, so should your prices. If you’re just getting started, it’s okay to give people introductory or beta pricing. Gradually increasing your prices also creates a sense of urgency that will encourage people not to drag their feet. I’ve been able to 10x my prices in just a few months because my client results helped increase demand. 

2) Offer payment plans: One of the best/fastest ways to increase your revenue is to offer payment plans. This ensures that your offers are accessible while allowing you to charge what you’re worth. Be sure to add a 20% processing fee to the backend and use sites like Samcart to process the payments automatically (so you don’t have to chase invoices manually). 

1) Use value-based pricing: When I was just starting out, it was soooo hard for me to tell people my prices. I had no idea what to charge and there were times when I didn’t feel worthy of what I was asking for (I’d think to myself, “Who is going to pay me that much?“). But as I got my sea legs as an infopreneur, my confidence grew. Now I can confidently ask for what I’m worth because my clients are getting a TON of value. Write out everything that your offer includes and put a dollar amount next to it. Share that with your clients and allow them to see just how much value they are actually getting for the price. 

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