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Changing the Face of Power is the first and only podcast in the country dedicated to informing, inspiring and supporting black women to run for elected office. Each week host Rebecca Thompson interviews an inspiring elected official or candidate who is using her black girl magic to change the world.

CFP 000: Meet Rebecca – Host of Changing the Face of Power Podcast 

CFP 003: Candice Quarles – City Councilwoman, DeSoto, TX 

CFP 006: Christina Sanders – The PoliChic 

CFP 009: Maurielle Stewart – Councilmember, Town of Cheverly, MD  

CFP 012: Regina Thomas – Candidate, 3rd Circuit Court Judge, Detroit, MI 

BONUS EPISODE: Rebecca Thompson, Happy Black Woman Podcast

CFP 017: Tina Fletcher – Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Washington, DC

CFP 020: Dee Dawkins-Haigler – Former State Representative, Lithonia, GA

CFP 023: Leslie Love – Michigan State Representative, Detroit, MI

CFP 001: Attica Scott – State Representative, Kentucky House of Representatives

CFP 004: Roslyn Brown – Alderwoman, Pine Lawn, MO 

CFP 007: Park Cannon – State Representative, Atlanta, GA 

CFP 010: Erin Jones – Candidate, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Seattle, WA

CFP 013: Leslie Herod – Candidate, Colorado House of Representatives, Denver, CO

CFP 015: Leslie Andrews, – Candidate, Detroit Public School Community District Board, Detroit, MI 

CFP 018: Brenda Carter – Pontiac School Board, Pontiac, MI 

CFP 021: Holly J. Mitchell – State Senator, Los Angeles, CA 

CFP 024: LaToia Jones – Former Candidate for DNC Vice Chair, Washington, DC

Bonus Episode:  – 10 Ways to Stop Doubting Your Brilliance So You Can Run for Elected Office 

CFP 002: Nina Morris, City Councilwoman – Lancaster, TX 

CFP 005: Simone Lightfoot – School Board Trustee, Ann Arbor, MI 

CFP 008: Tishaura Jones – Treasurer, St. Louis, MO 

CFP 011: Kenyetta Stanford-Jones – Candidate, Judge of 36th District Court, Detroit, MI 

CFP 014: Misha Stallworth – Candidate, Detroit Public School Community District Board, Detroit, MI

CFP 016: Janquell Peters, Mayor, East Point, GA

CFP 019: LaDawn Jones – Former State Representative, College Park, GA 

CFP 022: Channel Powe – Elected Board Member for the Balsz School District, Phoenix, Arizona

CFP 025: Myya Jones – Candidate for Mayor, Detroit, MI  

This is an amazing podcast and one that is needed across the nation! Too often we ask for the labor of black women and neglect to lift up and encourage black women to take roles of elected office. Thank you Rebecca for opening up your life and allowing us to share space with you and your amazing guests!

Rebecca Thompson is a star, and her podcast is nothing less than phenomenal. She thoughtfully engages major issues, provokes thoughtful dialogue, and both elicits and offers key insights. A rare talent for sharing her leadership skills and encouraging others.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your story and cultivating a space where we can learn from each other! Public service has been ruminating in my soul for some time now… with increasing intensity. So happening upon THIS podcast, is kind me of blowing my mind, lol! Thank you! I look forward to engaging with this community.