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I am planning to run but don't know where to start

I will be launching my campaign within the next year


I am currently running for office

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

My name is Rebecca and I travel the world informing, inspiring and supporting black women to run for elected office so they can fulfill their purpose and change the world. If you’re here you’re probably thinking about or have already decided to run for office. Welcome! You’re in the right place if:

– You’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start when it comes to launching your campaign

– You’ve been through every training program under the sun but still don’t know what the hell to do next

– You’ve been told that you’re too young, we don’t run against incumbents in this town, or my personal favorite – to wait your turn

And as a former candidate I know exactly where you are.


Percentage of U.S. elected officials that are white


Percentage that are men


Percentage that are women of color


Percentage that are white men